We inform students, professors and officials of the measures adopted by the Pedagogical University to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and protect the university community:

The Rectory of the National Pedagogical University informs that in accordance with the emergency measures declared by the national and district authorities in the face of the contingency caused by the risk of contagion of COVID-19 and in accordance with the provisions of Rectoral Resolution No. 0254 of March 18, 2020 “By which the suspension of terms of administrative actions at the National Pedagogical University for the period between March 18, 2020 and April 5, 2020, inclusive”, the office of The Rectory will not pay face-to-face attention to the public as of tomorrow, March 19, 2020 and until the emergency situation continues.

To guarantee the attention of procedures and documentation that require it due to the strict need for the service, we allow ourselves to indicate the following:

1. The documentary procedures that require to be attended must be sent to the electronic address

2. The documents that are produced by the dependencies of the University and require the subscription by the Rector, must strictly follow the indications mentioned by Rectoral Circular No. 005 of March 18, 2020.

Communiqué 06 of the Steering Committee
New measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19

Communiqué 05 of the Steering Committee

Communiqué 04 of the Steering Committee
National Pedagogical University takes prevention measures on COVID-19

Resolution 0230 of March 12, 2020, by which temporary administrative measures of a preventive nature are ordered against the risk of contagion of the Covid-19 virus in all the facilities of the National Pedagogical University.

Additionally, we disseminate the recommendations given by the Personnel Sub-Directorate (Safety and Health at Work) in this regard.

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